Dressed-Up Christmas Mantels
Fireplace can be a great spot to decorate for Christmas. Use led strings, design socks however you want and make the place worth spending time with.

Decorate your boring fireplace with beautiful garlands and other ornaments and decorations. Brighten the area as much as you can the cute Christmas tree candles and named socks.

Placing a fancy mirror above your mantle can be a very good idea. Moreover, ornate the fireplace with other frames, garlands, bows and lights to make it look attractive.

Keep the fireplace clean there should be no ash all around as you’re going to decorate it for Christmas this year with the eye-catching ornaments, traditional socks and lights.

A heavily decorated fireplace covered with ornaments, pine cones, flowery branches and wreaths to make it beautiful than ever. A beautiful idea for fireplace décor.

Simply and beautifully ornate lit fire place with golden garlands, socks with a tiny king statue. Looks amazing with Christmas tree placed beside.

Just a few branches of pine leaves and small tree models can be enough to décor your fireplace for the Christmas. Admirable for guests.

White tiled fire place with pretty ornaments on it to make it look perfect for Christmas. Something easy to do this year.

Royal fireplace decorated perfectly for the festival. The ornaments are right on the place to glorify the beauty.

Fancy decorations all over the fireplace to make it more festive for the Christmas. Sign of joy also works best with the decorations.