A beautifully made Christmas wreath to make you occasion more festive. All you need is a simple printed Christmas mesh and wrap it all around a ring like this way.

An easy to make straw wreath to make for Christmas to hang on your doors. Make it look extra beautiful using pine cones, pine spikes and a red colored bow.

Candy cane wreath is a one very creative and best idea you can try this Christmas. Tie a bow or decorate with ribbons to enhance the beauty.

Don’t buy a wreath this Christmas rather make your own at home. Straw wreaths look very beautiful, you can hang any letter on it or buntings or a bow to make it admirable.

You can make wreaths out of your fancy scarves. Red and green scarves wrapped around a ring and the use of colorful ribbons, buntings, flakes to add spice to it.

Red and green, the color of Christmas also looks best when it comes to holy wreaths. A large beautiful red bow is very eye catching with these green bendy strings adds a more to it.

A very unique idea to make wreath for those who are going to make theirs at home this year. Circle shaped cutouts of eye catching printed fabrics, attached centrally with buttons and pasted all around a simple straw wreath looks wonderful though.

Such a cute wreath covered all over with Christmas ornaments. Miniature candies, cones and candy canes to make it look super cute than ever before.

Creative and simple looking yet impressive idea for DIY wreath. Simple cones made of newspaper pasted all around the wreath and a centrally attached printed bow to add to the elegance.

What more creative wreath than this. Cut pipes of different diameters to make this masterpiece this Christmas; also you can place eye catching ornaments inside the holes.