Diy Magnets For Kids And Teens
Very simple and cheap yet antique looking cork style magnets. Easy to make but will be highly appreciated later by others for sure.

Things you’ll need to make coolest mod podge glass style magnets aligned beautifully in one placed. Something creative is going to be made out of them soon.

A wall of craft I must say. The first sight at these amazing and colorful pieces of artworks hung on a plane white wall gives you a strange feeling of satisfaction.

Things you need and instructions of how to make super cute magnets out of metal bottle caps. A very good idea to teach your children about recycling of metal.

Using your favorite buttons both simple and antique vintage style buttons and also fancy pearl like buttons as magnets can be very creative. All you’ve to do is paste magnets on their back.

The best thing about mod podge glass style magnets is that you can write whatever you want on them. It could be a message, a name or simply anything.

Here you can see the instruction of how to make customizable magnets of your desirable fabric print. They look very pretty and eye catching.

Another best thing about the coolest mod podge glass style magnets us that you can adjust your resized photos of your loved ones. The idea of pasting your favorite lyrics or cutout of newspaper, book, and magazines is also impressive.

Gold and silver wood log pieces styled magnets looks very earthly and eco loving. Something unexpected yet very cool and relaxing for viewers.

The mod podge glass magnets can be customized in a variety of ways. One of them is to use a map cutout which looks antique and will remind you of some detectives or those treasure hunt stories.